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When Shannon Weber lived along the Rogue River in Oregon where she ran a fishing lodge, she turned to her only source of art supplies - nature. Since then, she has focused on using nature in her art and as a scavenger at heart, she uses anything she finds, along a path, wetland, shoreline or on a roadside to weave into her basketry. Kelp, rocks, bones, debris, wire, feathers, seed pods, it's all fodder for Shannon. She likes to push the boundaries when making her art.

Shannon on a scavenging day

Shannon on a scavenging day

Shannon uses a mixture of repetitive layers, weaving, stitching, cold connections, painting and encaustic in her one-of-a-kind pieces. When you see one of her pieces in a gallery or in the many publications she has been featured in, you know that it's a Shannon Weber original. There's no denying who made it. 

Shannon Weber
This class allows students to engage in creative play, gain off-beat skills in seeing “all materials as an option,” and it creates dialog for future innovation in one’s personal designs.
— Shannon Weber
Well Traveled by Shannon Weber

Well Traveled by Shannon Weber


Friday, July 20                                

1:30 Class starts. 4:30 we will finish up, have a cocktail hour and then have dinner

Saturday, July 21                      

9:00 Class starts, we'll break for lunch around 12:30, continue working until about 4:30. Cocktail hour and then dinner will be served

Sunday, July 22                      

9:00 class begins, we'll break for lunch again around 12:30. At 3:00, we will begin to clean up and then share our projects before the workshop ends at 4:30. 

Drift by Shannon Weber

Drift by Shannon Weber

We are thrilled that the planets have aligned for Shannon to teach her first Bellissima Art Escape. I've taken one of her workshops, and it's fun to let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of what you can do with paper, reeds, thread, junk and a little wax.

Come explore the ever expanding vocabulary of the mixed media woven vessel while combining sculptural concepts of layering, with encaustic medium applied to fiber. This highly focused, process driven workshop will begin with weaving a simple boat form, layering with paper or fabric, then infusing those fibers with coats of encaustic medium. This gives a warm luminance effect to your vessel and allows marking, exploring oil stick inlay, and embedding surface materials such as found objects, beads, and items collected in nature.

One Sail by Shannon Weber

One Sail by Shannon Weber

This Workshop Is full and a Wait List has started

This Escape Includes

  • Two and half days of instruction by Shannon Weber
  • Two dinners, two lunches prepared by Kathie Vezzani
  • Heat guns, gloves, encaustic medium, oil sticks, various threads, handmade papers, fabric, a collection of organic hand harvested materials, reed, needles, miscellaneous items

Price for this workshop is $550 and does not include lodging or transportation. A $250 non-refundable deposit is due at registration, with the balance due February 20, 2018. The workshop is limited to 10. 

See cancellation policy.

The picturesque town of Gig Harbor is the location for this workshop. Listed as one of the most desirable cities in the US to visit (or to live), it is located just across the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma, WA on the way up the Olympic Peninsula. 

It is south of Seattle and the SEATAC airport. Transportation to Gig Harbor from the airport - Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter stops at two locations in Gig Harbor, the Inn at Gig Harbor or Purdy Park and Ride. 

Accommodation: There are many Arbnbs and B&Bs in Gig Harbor. Here is a link for more options

Mt. Rainier looms over Gig Harbor

Mt. Rainier looms over Gig Harbor

Student Supply List

  • Apron
  • scissors
  • book awl
  • needle nose pliers
  • roll of wax paper
  • spool of 4 ply waxed linen thread 

Not required but you may consider bringing:

  •   small found objects
  • beads,
  • feathers,
  • a stash of leftover papers
  •  fabric or other embellishment options
  • Fabric may include painted fabric


Shannon Weber is a working studio artist and educator working in 3D fiber sculpture. Her attraction to working with fiber is in the options it presents in its ability to shape-shift when using a variety of reclaimed materials and found objects. By applying ancient techniques and transitioning to contemporary designs, she achieves her desired effects by using a mixture of repetitive layers, weaving, stitching, cold connections, painting, and encaustic. These multiple applications make it very easy to blend metal, wire, coastal debris, rubber, and organic materials of all kinds. Each layer of material mixed with different techniques begins to build structure that gives the objects and vessels their form and opens doors for detailed surface design embellishments.

Shannon's works have received numerous awards and are held both in public and private collections, along with being seen and featured in 38 publications worldwide. 

Kathie Vezzani

Kathie Vezzani, who is hosting the workshop at her home in Gig Harbor, also is an artist who paints, rusts and waxes. She organizes trips for other artists and in a former life was a caterer. She has 22 years experience organizing trips for foodies and artists.