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Our first workshop with  Geoffrey Gorman was such a huge success, we booked him for another class for 2018. The class filled before I could clean up after the first workshop. 

Geoffrey is a master of using bits of wood, rust, rubber and found objects and he is passionate about the animals he creates. He has great stories to tell for each one. 

Geoffrey's workshop will encourage you to experiment, innovate and intuit ways of creating a variety of structures and forms using some of your organic, found and recycled materials. Yes, actually use your materials! You will be encouraged to think about shapes and forms, real or imagined. 

He will demonstrate his techniques to overcome construction challenges and if you have worked with assemblages before, you know what we mean. If not, Geoffrey will share his ways of wrangling wood, tin, rust and other objects into submission.

Geoffrey will discuss how to select and design pedestals and stands for your artwork, how to patina and age them.

Each student will have the opportunity to complete a variety of forms and you will need to be familiar with using hand and power tools like drills, band saws, and sanders. This workshop will be perfect for the beginners curious on how to construct creatures, to the advance assemblage artist who would like to challenge him or herself to the next level. 


Day 1, Monday August 6. Class begins at 9:30 a.m., 1 hour lunch break, stops at 4:30, dinner is at 5:30.

After introductions, Geoffrey will talk about found object art and finding the particular soul or voice of the materials you select. His demonstration today will be on using large power tools safely and how to transfer images onto the foam block, and how to cut and shape it.

Day 2, Tuesday, August 7.  Class begins at 9:30 a.m., 1 hour lunch break, stops at 4:30, dinner on your own. 

Today's discussion will be on why we work with alternative materials. The demonstration will be on how to cut and glue canvas to the form, thinking ahead to adding appendages - legs, arms, etc. How to add wire, eyes, ears and other details to complete the structure. 

Dog by Geoffrey Gorman

Day 3, Wednesday, August 8.  Class begins at 9:30 a.m., 1 hour lunch break, stops at 4:30, dinner on your own.

We will discuss inspiration and influences in the artistic process today. Today's demonstration will center on pedestals and stands, how to patina, age and color them. Geoffrey will construct a pedestal made from a wood base, covering it with metal. 

Day 4, Thursday, August 9. Class begins at 9:30 a.m., 1 hour lunch break, stops at 4:30, dinner at 5:30. 

Today's discussion will be on your voice as an artist and how to define a clear vision. We will also discuss alternative materials such as bike tires, inner tubes and lead to cover forms and bases, how to attach them, what to use to adhere them to the forms, and how to age them.

We will break around 4:30, then enjoy libations and appetizers before our final dinner together.

Melinda Bloom and her cat!

Melinda Bloom and her cat!


Heather Laidlaw made a kangaroo, pouch and all

Geoffrey Gorman

This workshop is FULL

Geoffrey Gorman.animal

This Escape Includes

  • Five days instruction by Geoffrey

  • Use of tools in Builder Bob's workshop, if needed

  • Two dinners, five lunches by Kathie

  • Students may share excess supplies

  • A new art tribe

  • Time to explore beautiful Gig Harbor

Price for this workshop is $950 and does not include lodging or transportation. A $450 non refundable deposit is due at registration, with the balance due June 1, 2017. The workshop is limited to 10. See cancellation policy. 

Accommodation: There are many Arbnbs and B&Bs in Gig Harbor.  Here is a link for more options

Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor


Day 5, Friday, August 10. Class begins at 9:30 a.m., 1 hour lunch break, ends at 4:00

Our final discussion will be about the big picture, what we learned and where to go from here. 

Geoffrey's final demonstration will be about working with bundles of sticks to make body forms, limbs, etc. and how to use a band saw to cut out details like heads and extremities. He will also share his knowledge on how to construct wings, legs, etc. and how to spray finish on your project for protection from deterioration.

All work will be completed and each of you will present your project(s) from this week. Specific attention will be given to articulating the voice of the material. 

Liam stopped by to admire this bird made by Stephanie Suskin.

Liam stopped by to admire this bird made by Stephanie Suskin.

One of the rabbits I made. 

One of the rabbits I made. 

File Sep 06, 4 57 03 PM.jpeg

Geoffrey Gorman breathes life into what might be considered to be the detritus of our culture. He constructs both real and fanciful animals using sticks, rusted screws, washers, bicycle tires, old tools, bailing wire, discarded canvas, and other things that are housed in cluttered garages or the backs of closets suffering from neglect. An intense physical process goes into making each work as Gorman builds from a series of elements layer upon layer. He explores the shared identity between animals and humans. 

Gorman shows his work at the Selby Fleetwood Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico along with other galleries around the country. Gorman's work is in numerous public and private collections around the United States.

Kathie Vezzani

Kathie Vezzani, who is hosting the workshop at her home in Gig Harbor, also is an artist who paints, rusts and waxes. She organizes trips for other artists and in a former life was a caterer. She has 24 years experience organizing trips for foodies and artists.