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Whenever I hold a workshop at my house, people have asked me about the Santos sitting in my entry way purchased years ago when I took a Santos assemblage workshop from one of my favorite assemblage artists, Tory Brokenshire. 

I am thrilled to share that Tory has agreed to teach this workshop in Gig Harbor this summer. 

My Santos by Tory

My Santos by Tory

Assemblage Santos

Artists will learn how to create a sculpture out of a wide variety of materials in this two day workshop. There are no limits to what you can create. I've made one using a bird cage for the body and feet from stylish old hand cigarette ashtrays for another. It's time to rummage through your stash - and to think outside the box. 

Santos by Tory

Santos by Tory

Using your imagination, you will create a Santos to fit your mood and personality. It can be whimsical, serious, other worldly or wherever your creativity takes you. It can hang, stand or sit. You choose. 

Trying To Fly by Tory Brokenshire

Trying To Fly by Tory Brokenshire


Day One - Saturday August 18

9:30 am We will meet, get settled and introduce ourselves. Then we will get started on creating our faces. First, the armature, then Tory will discuss how to sculpt the face and later, after it is dried, how to make your face look old. Now is the time your Santos takes on its personality. We will stop for lunch around 1:00, then continue on until 4:30. We'll stop, clean up for the day and have a cocktail hour before sitting down to dinner cooked by Kathie. 

Day Two - Sunday August 19

9:30 am Today is the day to bring out your stash. Tory will talk about proportion, balance and how to use different types of attachments. We'll talk about how to use the tools in the workshop, allowing you to make your design come to life. Time to use the tools! 

We will have a share table that you can choose from or contribute to. 

Again, we will break for lunch and then start cleaning up around 3:00 so that we can share our creations. The workshop will be over at 4:00 p.m.


 by Kathie Vezzani

 by Kathie Vezzani

Warning: Assembly Required

Rusty clock gears, a tattered ticket stub, worn doll parts, a key to an unknown and ancient lock, a tin box, a metal wing, a spigot, a sprocket, a spring....you have found yourself in an amazing and wondrous place, surrounded by artifacts bursting to tell a story and creating more questions than providing answers. You are in the studio of an assemblage artist.
— Helen Nute Wiens

We have had one cancellation.

This Escape Includes

  • Two days of instruction by Tory Brokenshire
  • One dinner and two lunches prepared by Kathie Vezzani
  • Wood base - 2"x6"x10" (you may have an alternative you would like to use - phone boxes, piano stool- the taller and heavier your Santos, the bigger and more stable of a base you will need)
  • tie wire, assorted doweling for the head, two-part epoxy, assorted hardware (nails, bolts, screws, washers, wing nuts, etc.), large tools and hand tools, drills, Dremel, 
  • pasta machine and oven
  • Tory will be available beforehand if you want to discuss your Santos before class

Price for this workshop is $495 and does not include lodging or transportation. The workshop is limited to 10. 

See cancellation policy.

Gig Harbor, Photo by Chef John Vincent Palacio, Tides Tavern

Gig Harbor, Photo by Chef John Vincent Palacio, Tides Tavern

The picturesque town of Gig Harbor is the location for this workshop. Listed as one of the most desirable cities in the US to visit (or to live), it is located just across the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma, WA on the way up the Olympic Peninsula. 

It is south of Seattle and the SEATAC airport. Transportation to Gig Harbor from the airport - Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter stops at two locations in Gig Harbor, the Inn at Gig Harbor or Purdy Park and Ride. 

Accommodation: There are many Arbnbs and B&Bs in Gig Harbor. Here is a link for more options.

Some of Tory's dolls

Some of Tory's dolls

Student Supply List

  • 8 ounces of Sculpey Original Clay - White
  • One roll of aluminum foil
  • assortment of paint brushes including detail brush for the eyes and mouth, 1/2" flat to paint the face
  • rag
  • Body, arm and leg parts (more details will be provided)
  • Paint - titan buff, quinacridone/nickel azo gold, burnt umber and titanium white
  • decorations for your Santos

Tory Brokenshire

Oregon artist, Tory Brokenshire is known for her three-dimensional work created in a variety of media. Tory has been teaching for more than 20 years across the country at large art retreats as well as small classes in her studio in Salem where she lives with her husband Norm who is accustomed to Tory picking up all things rusty (the life of an assemblage artist). They live with their gorgeous and very intelligent dog, Radish. 


Kathie Vezzani, who is hosting the workshop at her home in Gig Harbor, also is an artist who paints, rusts and waxes. She organizes trips for other artists and in a former life was a caterer. She has 22 years experience organizing trips for foodies and artists.