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Join Gillian Lee Smith and Judy Wise for a new adventure in Greece. Yes, Greece! We’ll start in the ancient city of Athens, then travel to the Island of Corfu.

The Workshop

Greek mythology, imagery and symbolism is a fascinating exploration of human and animal characteristics and features. Monsters that are molded together from various forms that are both frightening and powerfully beautiful. The terrifying Harpies that have the form of birds with a human face, symbolizing destructive winds. The brutal strength of the lonely and gruesome Minotaur. The graceful, wild forms of the Centaurs. So many stories and characters to explore.

These powerful human and animal forms offer the perfect opportunity to explore expressive drawing. We will be focusing on gesture to create rhythmic lines and forms that describe movement. We will explore mark making to render beautiful details and articulate our own personal forms of expression. Working with various monochrome media will allow us to create powerful interpretations of these Mythological Creatures.

Beginning with gestural charcoal drawings the focus will be on flowing, exploratory lines that can be erased over and over until an energetic form is revealed and then strengthened with value and mark making. These drawings will enable us to create powerful expressions of the mythological figures that are energetic and full of emotion.

Gillian Lee Smith

Gillian Lee Smith

We will then use these drawings to explore the medium of monotype printing which is a centuries old technique. With trace monotypes, we will create expressive line drawings.

Gillian Lee Smith

Gillian Lee Smith

We will also work with reductive mono printing that encourages a painterly way of working. These spontaneous prints that are imbued with the life of our charcoal drawings, can then be combined with other media to create beautiful and unique images.

The light of Greece will also influence our paintings - the brilliant sunlight on white buildings, the marble statuary, the sun kissed beaches and sparkling seas.

This bright landscape will be captured with watercolor sketches and paintings. It is the perfect medium for travel and quick reference sketches and requires only portable, lightweight supplies and sketchbooks to capture snapshots of our experiences.

Judy Wise

Judy Wise


Day 1, Monday, Sept. 16 We meet in Athens where we will be pinching ourselves as we look at the beautiful scenery surrounding us. We will introduce ourselves, go over the schedule and then have dinner.                                                     


Day 2, Tuesday, Sept. 17. Breakfast is on your own at the hotel. We will meet at 9:30 for our Mythology Tour that will explore major landmarks of ancient Athens. We will learn about the Greek Gods and Heroes and discover what really hides behind the universal myths. There will be free time after the tour and we will meet for dinner this evening. L, D 


Day 3 Wednesday, Sept. 18. You may want to just have a coffee this morning and a light snack. We will meet at 9:30 for a Food and Market tour where there will be plenty of tastings. Free time after the tour until dinner this evening. D

The Erectheion at the stunning Acropolis Museum

The Erectheion at the stunning Acropolis Museum

Day 4 Thursday, Sept. 19. Breakfast is on your own. Bags will need to be in the lobby. We will leave at 9:30 to spend time in the Acropolis Museum where we will also have lunch. Then we will gather our bags from the hotel and head out to the airport for our 4:35 flight to Corfu. After the short 1-hour flight, we will drive to the Pelecas Country Club where we will check in, drop our bags off, then head over to Elena’s Villa Inspirante that she has so lovingly renovated (see right). You will agree that she has great taste! But as a fellow artist, I would expect nothing less. We will have a toast then walk next door for our welcoming dinner. We will return to Pelecas after dinner. L,D

Day 5 Friday, Sept. 20. Breakfast at Pelecas then we will leave at 9:15 for the Villa. Class, breaking for lunch and over at 4:30. We will return to Pelecas for some free time and maybe a swim before we leave for town to visit a book binder shop with dinner nearby. B,L,D

Day 6 Saturday, Sept. 21. Breakfast at Pelecas, leave at 9:15 for the Villa. Class all day, breaking for lunch and over at 4:30. There will be a cooking class tonight at the Villa with Chef Niko. B,L,D

Harbor in Corfu

Harbor in Corfu

This itinerary may change due to weather, new opportunities of the whim of the group.

Gillian Lee Smith

Gillian Lee Smith

This Escape Includes

  • Three nights accommodation in Athens

  • Mythology Tour - Athens

  • Athens Food and Market Tour

  • Visit to Acropolis Museum

  • Round trip airfare Corfu/Athens

  • Six days of instruction with Gillian Lee Smith and Judy Wise

  • Six nights accommodation in Corfu

  • Transportation in Corfu

  • Greek Cooking Class

  • Olive Oil Tasting

  • Farewell Celebration

  • Some art supplies

  • New Art Tribe

The price for this workshop is $4,875

A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is due at registration. The final deposit is due April 16, 2019.   

Price does not include airfare to/from Athens. Price is based on shared accommodations. Limited single rooms are available for an additional price of $1300. 


Electra Palace Athens Hotel

Located in the Plaka neighborhood, the hotel’s elegant luxury is complemented by the majestic views of the Acropolis that can be enjoyed from the rooftop restaurant, pool, rooms and suites.

In Corfu - The Pelecas Country Club

A mere 8 km from Corfu town lies the Velianiti family mansion, enveloped by lush green hills. A beautiful 18th century stone-built house on a 20 hectare land, complete with an olive press and stables, which was very lovingly refurbished into a bespoke, luxury private retreat.

Athens Airport - Holiday Inn


This workshop includes

  • Printing ink

  • Printing Paper

  • Printing Surface

  • Newsprint

  • Reference Images

Student List

  • Good quality drawing paper 5 sheets or paper pad of 16x24”

  • Vine or willow charcoal

  • Compressed charcoal

  • Charcoal pencils (Generals peelable charcoal pencils)

  • Various types of erasers - white eraser putty/kneadable eraser, pencil eraser

  • Sketchbook and pencils (for taking notes and sketching while in museums

  • Watercolor sketchbook

  • 2 Rubber brayers

  • Palette knife or spatula

  • Mark making tools - embossing tools, q-tips, rubber tipped tools

  • A small selection of mixed media materials, fluid acrylics or acrylic inks in your choice of colors

  • Colored pencils or water-soluable crayons

  • Paint brushes

  • Drawing pens or dip pen and ink

  • Rags

  • Blue painters tape

  • Glassine or greaseproof paper to protect your works to take home

  • camera (your iPhone is perfect)

  • Water color set - suggested tubes, pans, or travel palettes of watercolor - Judy prefers the portable Winsor Newton sets with a dozen good colors like - yellow, ochre, vermillion, alizarin, black, ultramarine, thalo blue, raw sienna, viridian or thalo green, sap green, burnt sienna, burnt umber. (dont worry if your set is a little different. We’ll discuss.)

  • Brushes - both detail and larger rounds(#4,6,8 and 12), 1-1” flat ) sable brushes are nice with watercolor but bring what you have

  • Water soluble ink pen (Test yours by wetting some lines. It should create a pigmented wash when you do that.Judy likes Sarasa but there are others).

  • 4 oz. of gesso

  • Small kitchen sponge

  • If you want to paint large, bring a nice watercolor paper like Arches.


Our studio in Corfu - Villa Inspirante, Our Host - Elena Korakianitou

Day 7 Sunday, Sept. 22. Breakfast at Pelecas, leave at 9:15 for the Villa. Class in the morning, lunch, then afternoon is free to visit Corfu Town or to Paleokastitsa Beach. Dinner will be on your own tonight with suggestions from Elena. B,L

Day 8 Monday, Sept. 23. Breakfast at Pelecas, leave at 9:15 for the Villa. Class all day, breaking for lunch. Class over at 4:30 when we will return to Pelecas for free time before we leave for dinner at 7:15. B,L,D

Day 9 Tuesday, Sept. 24. Breakfast at Pelecas, leave at 8:45 for the Villa. Class then at 11:00 we will have an olive oil tasting with lunch. Then we will return to class . This evening we will have a special dinner at the Venetian Well. B,L,D

Day 10 Wednesday, Sept. 25. Breakfast at Pelecas. Check out, have bags ready at 9:15 for our ride to the Villa. We will wrap up our projects, clean up and have a show and tell followed by our last lunch. After lunch, you will say farewell to Elena and we will head to the airport for the 3:30 flight to Athens.

You will have reservations at the airport Holiday Inn for your final night in Athens. Dinner is on your own. You can leave anytime on the 26th. B,L


Judy Wise and Gillian Lee Smith

Judy Wise and Gillian Lee Smith

Judy Wise is an Oregon artist who has worked as a printmaker, painter, writer, and teacher for four decades. Through F&W Media, Judy co-authored the book Plaster Studio: Mixed Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Sculpting and has published a series of eBooks on Hot Wax, Cold Wax, Mixed Media Journaling, Plaster and Painting Faces. In 2012 she was an artist in residence at Can Serrat near Barcelona, Spain and has taught workshops across the U.S., Australia, Europe, Bali and Mexico.

Gillian Lee Smith is a Scottish artist living in the beautiful, historic North-East coast of England that daily influences her work. As a teacher, Gillian is inspired to bring her love of people and place to each workshop using a wealth of techniques to make new discoveries along with her students. She has several very successful online courses and a mentoring program. Her work is shown in several galleries in Great Britain.