Planning is everything. That’s why we like to take care of all the details on our Bellissima Art Escapes. And you agree. That’s why more than half of each Art Escape is filled with artists we know, or as we affectionately call them, Frequent Fliers. If you travel abroad, we find the hotel, transportation company, studio to create in, places to visit and delicious, local eateries.

Food, that’s important to us. It’s as important to us as the art we create. We feed the soul as well as the body on our Escapes. And if you attend a workshop in Gig Harbor, WA, Kathie prepares healthy and delicious meals for us.

Whichever Art Escape you choose, we’ll take good care of you so all you have to do is sit back, create, eat, and enjoy.

Art - When we travel, it’s important to find museums and artists who inspire us.

Community - We build an art tribe at each Escape. It has been our greatest pleasure to watch friendships blossom into lifelong friends. You may travel to an Escape by yourself, but you will leave as part of our Bellissima Art family.

Culture - It’s important to understand the community in which we travel. We seek out local artisans, chefs, cooks and eateries to connect us to the city. We strive to be good representatives on our travels. We learn, they learn. We connect.

Travel - We travel across the globe including Europe, Mexico and the US. Plans are afoot for New Zealand and the Galapagos. Stay tuned for more details.

Artists - It’s important to us that we find artists that will inspire us and who will contribute to our development as artists.

Travel Journal - A place to share some of the journeys we take.

Food - As much as the culture is important to us on an Escape, so is the food. We connect you to local cooks and award winning chefs through cooking classes and visiting restaurants or stores. We often visit markets to help you understand the food that you will be eating on your Escape. And then there’s always the quest for the best chocolate in the world. There’s always time for that.

Testimonials - Here’s where the tribe speaks.