Can I come on the trip alone?

Absolutely, you will leave with a new art tribe. 

Is airfare included in the cost of the trip?

Airfare is NOT included. 

Can I have a single room?

The trip costs are based on double occupancy (two beds). Depending on the trip, there may be a few rooms available for single occupancy but there will be an additional charge. 

Should I get travel insurance?

Highly recommend it. Travel GuardWorld Nomads (people under 70), Insuremytrip (people over 70), and your travel agent can also help you, as can AAA.

Will I need to fill out release/waivers?

Yes, you will be required to read and complete the waiver releasing BAE from any and all liability related to the tour as part of your registration. Your registration will not be final unless you have read and agreed to the terms. 

Will I need a visa?

In most cases no, but if there is one, you will need to acquire this at your own cost, unless otherwise stated, before the trip begins. Sometimes, there may be a fee you must pay entering the country at the airport, again, you will be responsible for this cost. 

How much art experience do I need?

Each trip is different, but generally it is helpful that you have taken at least a few local workshops or online courses. 

How much money will I need to bring?

It depends on how much you like to shop. You will need money for tipping, alcohol, purchasing any items in local markets and sometimes for taxis to/from the airport. You can order Euros, pounds or pesos through your bank or AAA. It usually only takes a couple of days, a week at most, so just plan accordingly. Please understand that if you use your ATM card in country, there will be fees associated for foreign transactions.

Will my credit card work?

Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted. They must be signed on the back. It is a good idea to notify your bank prior to traveling to notify them that you will be using your credit card and debit card. You will be charged a foreign transaction fee unless you have a card that waives them. There are several that do—worth checking out. 

Will my cell phone work?

It is a good idea to contact your carrier and find out what their policy is for the country in which you will travel. I advise putting your phone on airplane mode to avoid large data charges and then turn it back on when you are within WIFI areas. Most places we travel will have WIFI access. We cannot guarantee cellular connectivity 100% of the time. 

Can my spouse or partner attend?

Generally, these trips are for the artists and we may not have room on the transportation vehicles or in the hotel/B&B, so it is on a trip by trip basis whether there will be room or not. 

Will I have time to myself?

Yes, although sometimes we get so carried away with making our art that you end up with not a lot of free time. It is, however, built into the schedule.