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Whirlwind of Workshops
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Whirlwind of Workshops

Summer just flew by with quite a few local workshops. Then there was the roof project - wind, rain, snow, ice and a few days of sunshine and they are finally finished. I am basking in the quietness. 


Two cold wax workshops with Judy Wise meant I got to spend a whole week with Judy! Always a pleasure and something I look forward to each time. The students were very prolific and  the work that came out of these workshops was amazing. 

Then the long awaited class with Geoffrey Gorman who didn't disappoint. We had so much fun and Geoffrey and I are very happy that more women can now use power tools! These artists went full throttle and tried everything and what they created was incredible. His class for next year sold out before I could clean up the garage. 

And if you follow me, you know that I am also a huge fan of Morgan Brig and could hardly contain my enthusiasm in my anticipation for her workshop. Plus, we were at Wacky Nut Farm - horses!!! Oh my. It. Was. Amazing. Her next workshop sold out again in one day. We have more planned so if you haven't already joined my Early Notification list, you should because you won't believe who will be teaching together...........yep, Geoffrey and Morgan. Can you stand it? They will be teaching in San Miguel de Allende February, 2019. And Morgan will be teaching a second time in Oaxaca that same year in October. If you are at all interested, please let me know because these will fill up in a day.  

I loved making these mixed media sculptures and plan on refining my welding skills! The first two have been sold, if you are interested in any of the others, pm me at

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